Registered as payment service agent from maybank 

As a Payment Service Agent (PSA) Holder, we do have exchange id which enable us to register merchant/seller directly to Paynet

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no more hassle on payment gateway, get flexibility like them

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Term & Condition Apply. 

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NEXTDAY FPX Next Day Settlement From RM1.50 *T&C
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Frequently asked questions

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For Small Ecommerce, we recommend Next Month Settlement, you can enjoy RM0.50/transaction and save hundred ringgit monthly .

If your product or service is special, high volume and require fast settlement.

You can create as much as you can and it also depend on normal activity.

All plugin will inclue tutorial how to install and use it, check our tutorial page.

We are regulated as Payment Service Agent From Maybank and all transaction will be transfer as it is. Term & Condition apply for certain case.

You can delist buyer ban once you name is clear from existing case.

For retail/personal banking account, the minimum limit per transaction is RM1.00 and maximum amount is limited up to RM30,000* per transaction. For company/corporate banking, the minimum limit per transaction is RM2.00 and maximum amount is limited up to RM1,000,000* per transaction..

There are 3 methods in which you will be able to know that your FPX transaction is successful: 1. Online receipt provided by FPX 2. Email notification sent by FPX system (provided that you have entered your email address at FPX bank selection page). 3. Online receipt provided by your merchant.

FPX uses high standards of authentication and certification to ensure all transactions are secure.

Currently FPX service is available 24 hours daily* at most of the FPX participating banks. *Depending on the participating banks’ internet banking service availability.